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The Breathing Space

“There is healing in community”

The Breathing Space came about when I desired a space for community that would adhere to the senses, collectively. The Breathing Space is now home to an audience made up of individuals, like minded and un-like minded, invested in each others lived experiences, partaking in candid discourse; safely, openly and freely. Appearing to that of a panel discussion, with a topic and special guest, but it’s not. The difference lies in the invitation and the permission for the audience to immerse themselves, fully, throughout the entire discussion. Allows the host to be the audience and the audience to drive the conversation.

“What if we just spoke up and someone responded with their own story that sounded so much like, “me too” or it made you step back and ponder on your own way of thinking? What if we had a space for this. I created The Breathing Space with this in mind.” A space that celebrates our multiple complexities.

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